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  1. Dr. Seema Bhadauria

    a.) R. Seema Bhadauria has developed nonelectronic and electronic Soil Testing Kit and mini lab based on color development for rural areas with the financial support of Department of science and Technology, New Delhi and 10% of Biolink Overseas Company, Agra. It is supplemented with Soil Health Card and Fertilizer recommendations. (Patented) which is manufactured by M/s Biolink Overseas Company.
    b.) Developed bioremediation technology for black crust removal from stone surfaces and patented. The number is IPR/ 4.19.2/ 09007/ 2009 dated 4 May 2009.The Institution has INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS with Italian government on cleaning of cultural heritage and materials by bioremediation technology and nanotechnology. Technology transfer to PIDILITE Company (In-Process).
    c.) Developed sandwich technology on Bioremediation of Heavy Metals pollution by biosequestration and simultaneous Biosynthesis of Nanoparticles of silver, gold, lead and copper and their characterization and their antimicrobial efficiency (Applied Patent).
    d.) Developed cost effective technology on Bioethanol production from wastes (Potato & petha) under DST project and showcased the technology to get rid of enormous petha waste in Agra city and potato wastes from numerous cold storages near Agra.
    e.) Developed nanoherbal drug against drug resistant microbial pathogens.
    f.) Developed nanoherbal bandages for healing wounds using Aloe vera, nanosilver and cotton bandage.
    g.) The petha waste management through vermi technology has been used by 300 beneficiaries in Agra, Mathura and Mainpuri districts out of which 2 women and 7 men are still commercial producers of vermicompost and vermiculture.

2. Precomposting of waste by microbial inoculants followed by vermicomposting through development of innovative vermicompost models for Rural and Urban women beneficiaries and or DST-WOS-B Project, Mobile vermicompost and vermiwash units has been developed by Dr.Anuradha Chauhan (Botany Deptt.) SSD/SS/001/2012/G

3. All India coordinated Research project on Management of salt affected soil and use of saline water in agriculture farming has developed a low cost technology for dilution of ground water through artificial recharge.

4. KVK Awagarh has refined CIAE Manual groundnut decorticator

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